Sunday Workshops

  1. Cam and Michelle 1pm-2pm Musicality 101In this all-levels workshop you will: Nail the timing. Hit the hits. Be the music. Literally become a hit song. Top the charts. Winning. Fame. PLOT TWIST: all proceeds from this workshop will be donated to beyondblue! 
  2. Dave Ellis – For the leads – 2pm-3pm 
    Reacting and adapting to your follow. Seeing with your eyes closed. Attaining enlightenment; looking good as a side-effect of good technique what is this heresy.
  3. Wendy Allen – For the follows – 2pm-3pm
    Styling! The secret weapon! The non-optional extra! The icing on your cake of dance!DanceMAD is thrilled to welcome Wendy and her extra-special styling workshop, tailored for follows. No need to bring a partner! In this all-levels solo workshop, Wendy will level up your styling!
  4. Dave and Amy – 3pm-4pm 
    Advanced magic. Not your entry-level basic magic. Actually magical workshop focussing on the inner game of dance. Hack your brain. Get out of your own way. Access your latent super powers. NO CAPES.