Safety Policy & Community Guideline

The safety of all dancers, staff, volunteers, and spectators at our event is our first priority. We want everyone to feel safe, and have a good time!

Please refrain from critiquing or verbally instructing your partners on the competition or social dance floor when it has not been asked for, as unsolicited advice can be distracting and unwelcome.

Everyone has the right to choose when they social dance, and with whom. If someone says no to a dance, respect their decision.

DanceMAD is a fully degendered event that welcomes diversity. All attendees have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect.

Verbal, physical, or sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination or bullying will not be tolerated. Anyone displaying these behaviours may be asked to leave the venue immediately.

Reporting misconduct:

If you are concerned about someone else’s behaviour during any stage of our event, or witness any inappropriate behaviour, please speak to one of the comp directors – Zoe, Mark, Ben, or Jemima. If we are not easily accessible at the time, you can ask any of our registration assistants, and they will let us know to come and speak with you as soon as we can. Situations will be handled on a case by case basis, taking the reporting party’s wishes into account.